Multiple Intelligence


In 1999, Seth Boyden was selected to be the kindergarten through fifth grade demonstration school for the entire district and introduced an innovative approach to curriculum delivery, based on the Principles of Multiple Intelligences.

Familiar ideas about intelligence focus on skills relating to language and mathematics. The concept of Multiple Intelligences as articulated by Howard Gardner of Harvard University recognizes other ways of being intelligent — in such activities as relating to each other, knowing ourselves, and expressing ourselves through art, music and movement. Thus, the Seth Boyden Demonstration School (SBDS) is an individual-centered school that takes this multifaceted view of intelligence seriously.


Using Multple Intelligences (MI) theory, Seth Boyden teachers present their lessons in a wide variety of ways that integrate music, art, dramatics, movement, dance, environment-based education and character education into the “traditional academic subjects.”


Teachers move freely beyond the four walls of the classroom to use the poetry corner, the art and music rooms, the television studio and the computer lab. Seth Boyden’s unique Outdoor Learning Center provides a focus for an innovative environment-based education program.


Seth Boyden also offers a wide range of mentoring, social work, character education and health and fitness programming designed to support our commitment to nurturing the whole child.

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