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How do I stay updated with school events and information?

  • For important announcements from the school and the district, make sure your contact information and preferences are updated in PowerSchool.
  • To stay updated on School and PTA events, register on the PTA website: and subscribe to the PTA newsletter on the same website.

Can I tour the school with my child?

When will I find out who my teacher is?

  • The district will notify you via the PowerSchool of your child’s teacher a few days before the first day of school. 

Drop Off

  • Students line up behind their class’ designated cone outside of the school building. Kindergarten line up is usually on the side of the building by door #2.  Grownups are asked to stay with their student until the teacher collects the class at 8:53am.
  • Info for those taking the bus:
    • Contact the transportation department to find out if you are eligible for a bus: 973-378-9617
    • A safety patroller, who is a designated responsible 5th grader, will escort kindergarteners off the bus and to their line. A SB staff member will also be waiting to greet students as they get off the bus.
  • If you are driving, please note that there is no drop off zone in front of the school. You may use street parking, however plan accordingly since spots closest to the school fill quickly. We suggest side streets.
  • You may NOT drive into either teacher parking lots
  • The circle driveway may ONLY be used for late drop off and early pick up (after 9am and before 3pm).

What does the first day of school look like? 

  • Families are invited to line up with their child outside the school behind their class’ designated cone (there will be a sign marking each cone with each teacher’s name). Teachers will come out, introduce themselves and take their students into the classroom. 
  • Parents are not able to go into the classroom.
  • The children will get to know their teacher and classmates, get a tour of the school, and have at least one recess period.
  • Parents are welcome to join the PTA First Day Coffee directly after drop off on the front lawn. We will also host a PTA meet and greet at 20 minutes before pick up on the first day of school. 

What does the second week of school look like? 

  • By the second week of school Kindergarteners are more comfortable with the routine of the day and with each other.
  • Typical Day
    • Circle time
    • Morning Recess
    • Snack
    • Reading
    • Lunch
    • Recess
    • Math
    • Closing Circle 


  • How does lunch work?
  • Do they sit with their class?
    • Yes, all kindergarten classes eat lunch together but must sit with their classmates. 
  • Do they have recess before or after lunch?
    • Kindergarten has two recess times. One is immediately after lunch. 
  • Can they bring peanut butter?
    • Yes, children may bring peanut butter to school in their lunches. (There may be restrictions for snacks if there is an allergy in the classroom.)
    • If your child is allergic to peanuts or other foods, they will sit at a separate table with other children with allergies. 
    • Please contact the nurse in advance of the first day of school if your child has an allergy plan.


  • The Lunch aides will take the students out to recess after lunch
  • How does indoor recess work? 
    • In the event of rain, wet conditions, or freezing temperatures, each teacher sets up rotation areas in the classroom with the lunch aide supervising.
  • Do kindergarten students get two recesses? How does that work? Are the bigger kids in the yard? Do the lunch aides come back to do the other recess?
    • Kindergarten often gets two recess periods a day.
    • The kindergarten teachers take them out in the morning before recess starts for the older children. 
    • The lunch aides take the children for the second recess. They are allowed to play throughout the school yard. They can only go into the garden if there is garden recess and there are parents managing the garden. 


  • Students get two days of P.E., and one day of Art, Music, and Library

Pick up

  • Where do I pick up my child? 
    • Kindergarten classrooms will be released from the same door that they go into at the beginning of the day. The teacher will bring the children outside and lead them to their designated cone.
    • Students taking the bus will be picked up by their safety patroller and taken outside to their designated area to wait for the bus. This area is monitored by SB staff members, who are designated bus monitors.
  • What do I do if I’m late to pick up?
    • Please call the office and let the secretary know that you will be late. However, we cannot watch your child for more than a few minutes after 3:23.  We urge you to make every effort to be on time.
  • Who do I call and how do I get to the office calling the main number? 
    • Call 973-378-5209 and follow the prompts from the voice mail. 
  • What if I need to pick up my child early? 
    • Please let the teacher know when you need to pick up your child. You may also call the front office to let them know. 
    • Come into the door and sign in on the computer in the vestibule. When coming in, tell the secretary your child’s name and teacher. She will call the classroom and ask the teacher to send your child to the office. 
  • What if someone else plans to pick up my child (example a playdate)?
    • You must send a note to the teacher and the person picking up your child must have ID.


  • What happens if my child is sick in school? 
    • If your child is sick, they are sent to the nurse’s office.
    • The nurse will call the phone numbers you provided on your paperwork. 
    • If your child gets hurt at school but it is not serious, the nurse will either call to inform you or a note will be sent home in their backpack indicating your child went to the nurse and they are okay. 
  • What if my child needs medication or has an allergy? 
    • Speak to the nurse directly. You will need to fill out certain medication forms and/or submit an allergy plan from your child’s doctor.
    • Please also include the Principal in your initial outreach. 
    • It is best to initiate this conversation before the end of the previous school year. Otherwise, be in touch with your teacher once you receive your child’s assignment.

Late Drop-off

  • What happens if my child is late? 
    • If your student is late to school, they will need to check into the office. They will need to tell the secretary their name and teacher. The secretary will give them a late pass and they will be escorted to their classroom. 
  • What if my child is sick and can’t go to school? 
    • If for any reason your child is sick or can not go to school, please call the office and follow the prompts on the automated voice mail. Please leave a message including your child's name, teacher, reason why they are absent. 


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