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Beyond the Bell is an after school enrichment program offered through the YMCA and

runs on Mondays and Thursdays afterschool.

It is open to all students and there are scholarships available. 


Please click here to find the Beyond the Bell information, offerings and registration instructions. 





Spring Beyond the Bell Spots still open!

There are still spots open for the Spring Session of BTBl! See recommendations below!

To register, click here:

And please note that this is an 8 week session--the fall session was only 6 weeks!


For older kids (3-5): For kids who love reading, writing, and illustrating, Creative Writing Club is perfect! Kids who like to solve puzzles and do escape-room types of activities should try Puzzles & Mysteries. Kids who like to perform will love Theater Games!, or, if they are more musically inclined, there are still some spots left in Drumming 101. If they want to combine performance and puzzles, Making Magic is a great fit. For the active kids, there are spaces left in both Basketball 101 and Ultimate Frisbee. And there are still a couple of spots left in Fencing and Macrame


There are only a few classes still open for younger kids (K-2): Kids who like creative play should try Calling All Actors! They use their imagination to put together scenes and they'll also try their hand at being silly with improv. Sports Galore is great for kids who like to move--they'll try all kinds of sports, like gaga, kickball and floor hockey. And for anyone who loves to dance, Bollywood for Beginners is a great class--in addition to learning some Bollywood moves, they'll sing along with their dances and do some art projects as well!


All registration questions should go to Jonelle Delk at

Once BTB begins, all questions, concerns and attendance-related messages:


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