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The Seth Boyden Demonstration School was established to provide an innovative program of instruction to meet the needs of a diverse student population reflecting the integrated communities of South Orange and Maplewood. The school was designed to offer distinctive instructional opportunities, develop exemplary academic programs and serve as a district-wide resource for staff development. Dedicated to a multiple-intelligence approach to learning, our outstanding faculty strive to find learning modes that work best for each individual child and to build on their strengths.


We try to provide a peaceful and respectful school climate where all students feel safe and supported. We consider the development of social decision-making and problem-solving skills to be an important part of the education that we offer. Character education cannot just be taught through slogans or study. It is something that must be guided, modeled, and experienced. Here, character education is not isolated as a discrete topic. Instead, it is woven into the fabric of the school and integrated across all curricular areas. The social and emotional skills that we promote, model, and teach include empathy, perseverance, self-control, respect, and responsibility.


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