Dear Seth Boyden Families,


The Seth Boyden PTA is in need of volunteers to sit on the ‘24-’25 PTA board. 


We are in need of a President, Vice President, and Treasurer. If these positions are not filled, the PTA will not be able to function. 


The SB PTA plays a vital role; its mission is to support the enrichment of our students, teachers, and school community. The PTA ensures we have school pictures, class captains, an outdoor garden, spirit wear and events for both in-school and after school community events. These events help drive the heartbeat of our school community. 


That’s why we must have a vibrant, engaged and excited group of parents to help our community to thrive next year. If we don’t have a PTA, these things that allow our children to have a powerful elementary school experience, won’t be able to happen. No PTA means no school pictures, no class captains, no outdoor garden, no spirit wear, and no in-school and after-school community events.


“The PTA is a voice to advocate for parents and students. It helps build a strong, cohesive and equitable school community. Not having a PTA will put Seth Boyden at a disadvantage. The elementary experience will be limited in relation to what other students in the district are experiencing.” - Principal Glander


But we can come together to ensure this doesn’t happen! It takes a village, and our Seth Boyden village is vibrant, resilient, and THE BEST!


Our PTA is already full of volunteers ready to help and implement programming, we just need a few to take a leadership role. 


“Even if you've never considered taking on a role like this, consider the impact you will have on nearly 400 Seth Boyden students and their families. Consider that the role can be the minimum required or you can jump in feet first, or something in between. Consider the parents who have come before you, also unsure, also with busy jobs and family responsibilities. They have helped shape, grow and create the amazing school community we know as Seth Boyden.” - Elizabeth Evangelista, SB Parent and Past PTA President


Here are some highlights of what our PTA has done for our school community, but ultimately, it’s what the current year’s board wants to take on, so it can be as much or as little as you’d like. By taking a leadership role, you provide the structure from which our committees can do their PTA magic!


…in school support

…educational in-school programming

Class Captains

School Pictures

Teacher and staff appreciation

School beautification

Supplemental school supplies



Teacher professional development

Chicks in classrooms

Books for classrooms

…opportunities for parents to engage with their children in school

…fun community events for our families to come together

Library volunteering

Garden Recess Fridays & Garden upkeep

School-wide Composting

1st Day of School of School Meet & Greet

Ice Cream Social

Harvest Fest

Roller Skating Party

Freedom Breakfast

Variety Show

…important equity and inclusion programs

…fun annual fundraising events

Field trip subsidies

Grants to teachers for in-class projects

Access to jackets, clothing, books, etc. 

Sensory Tent and Noise Reducing Headphones

Social worker support

Turkey Trot 5k

Teacher Basketball Tournament

Book Fair


The PTA is hosting a “PTA Info Session” today, May 1st, at 6pm in the school auditorium. Please consider attending to learn more about our PTA and how you can help. If you can’t attend, you can reach out to to be connected to current board members so they can give better insight into the roles.






Teacher Appreciation: May 6-10th

Upcoming Events


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