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     What is a Class Captain?  Class Captains act as the liaison between your class teacher and the parents/guardians of each class throughout the year. They help to foster community and keep families informed of class and school events.

     Some of the Class Captain duties include: communicating via email/text/WhatsApp to your class's parents/guardians on behalf of the teacher or PTA; finding out what your teacher may need help with from the parents of the class (volunteering, chaperoning, collecting supplies); reminding the parents/guardians to contribute to our bi-yearly class teacher gifts;  and organizing/helping gather student gifts/gestures for teacher appreciation week (in May). The time commitment is approximately 1-3 hours a month (depending on how many Captains sign up), with some months being a bit more active than others.  This is a great opportunity to stay connected with your child's teacher and stay involved in our school community!

     Ideally, there would be two Class Captains per class who share responsibilities, with an "alternate" third available when needed.  While most of the tasks can be done from home/computer, it is helpful to be available to come to school when needed. 

      If you have any questions, please contact:


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