Happiness Committee Micro Jobs

(Please email Anna at VPHappiness@sethboyden.com if you are interested!)


Seasonal Teacher’s Lounge Decorator - comes in seasonally

  • Someone to purchase and decorate the Teacher’s Lounge seasonally (1-2 hours a “season”)

Lost & Found Organizer - comes in weekly/biweekly

  • Someone to organize, hang up clothing - maybe take a pic to post on Socials

Soma Shares Book Table Organizer - comes in weekly/biweekly

  • Someone to organize & replenish the free book table (1 hr)

Spotlight Staff Writer- comes in weekly/biweekly

  • Someone to take a picture, “interview” a staff member or 2 for the Newsletter

Seth Boyden Cares Coordinator - 2 or 3 project a year

  • Someone to organize a school-wide service project(s) 

Merch Supervisor 

  • Someone to help organize/track and sell merch at events*; collaborate on new merch.  *Doesn’t mean this person has to be AT all events, we can get volunteers for that, just be “in charge” of making it happen. 


Happiness Committee Volunteer - someone who can’t commit to a micro job, but happy to be called on for volunteer opportunities that bring joy.  

Sign up here or contact vphappiness@sethboyden.com if interested or you would like to know more!


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